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10/20/21 @ 19:53

very important if you want to do phone calls!


10/19/21 @ 15:47

here some actual pictures, Nov 2021

08/06/21 @ 16:55


04/24/21 @ 11:30
people start to understand the Corona trick
03/22/21 @ 19:05
2020 Taught us the value and convenience of having a Home Office. Did you know that as of today, more than 60% of the workforce in Spain works from home? And Worldwide, the number of companies with staff working from home has risen to 88% compared to 4% before the health crisis? The top business information sources predict that telework, telemedicine and online classes are here to stay. Therefore, having a customized, comfortable and fully functional Home Office space, is no longer a luxury, it is a MUST today.
03/13/21 @ 17:01