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Device Info  Jazztel ADSL
ubr without pcr
unspecified bit rate without Peak Cell Rate
PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
LLC Snap bridging
authentication Auto
Enable NAT
Enable IGMP Multicast     no
Enable WAN Service yes
VPI / VCI:     8 / 35
Connection Type:     PPPoE
Service Name:     pppoe_8_35_2
Service Category:     UBR
IP Address:     Automatically Assigned
Service State:     Enabled
NAT:     Enabled
Firewall:     Disabled
IGMP Multicast:     Disabled
Quality Of Service:     Disabled

Board ID:     96348GW-11
Software Version:     A101-302JAZ-C03_R21.A2pB021g.d15h
Bootloader (CFE) Version:     1.0.37-0.7
Wireless Driver Version:

This information reflects the current status of your DSL connection.

Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps):     745
Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps):     3489
LAN IP Address:
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
Date/Time:     Mon May 12 15:18:58 2014

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